Step by step...

2000 – 2010


1968 - 1969 Birth of the first roller blind made in Italy  

Suncover was born in the '60s from the idea of its owners, Piccioni Tommaso and Finelli Giuseppe to import in Italy the first roller blind.
At the turn of 1968-1969, SUNCOVER thus presents to the market the first blind Italian spring.
A product that draws its origins from an exclusive Suncover invention patent that concerns the automatic stop of blinds spring-loaded roller shutters.
Over the years the product has evolved into different types of products and applications giving rise to the first insect screen roll up  with head box in the world.


These are the years of development and change and from prevalent commercial activity we move on to the production of increasingly complex original blinds techniques.

In recent years, for the first time on the Italian market, a complete range of technical roller shutter products for sun protection and shading is presented.
The activity, born in the center of Bologna soon needs more and more space, and so it moves to the suburbs, near Funo di Argelato, in the province of Bologna.
Here the company is transformed from a mainly personal activity of the owners into an organized structure, with the implementation of personnel, production and commercial departments.
Participation in the SAIEDUE trade fair in Bologna begins with large stands.
The activity expands further and in 1978 Suncover purchases a plot of land in the new industrial area of S. Giorgio di Piano, in the province of Bologna, where the current plant will be built.
There are also some export offices , in Latin America and Cairo.


In 1980 SUNCOVER, which grew in size, became a limited liability company.
The Suncover brand is promoted and launched with prestigious advertising campaigns in magazines and on television.
The computerization and reorganization of production processes allow the company to move from a purely artisan production to an industrial production on order, tailored and personalized for each customer.
Producing extremely handcrafted products in an industrial way becomes a great feature of ours.


These are the years of the expansion of Italian and foreign markets, computerisation and globalisation.
Zanzakit is born, the insect screen quality assembly kit, which opens up the international retail market to Suncover.
In 1996, SUNCOVER obtained, first in the sector, the Certification of conformity to UNI EN ISO 9001.
A natural evolution of the production processes already intrinsically present and implemented in the company. The Technical and Informatics Areas are enhanced with cutting-edge technology and specialized personnel.
Eurokit is born for the large distribution market.
In 1997, Suncover launched Compacta and Integra.

2000 – 2010

The year 2001 is the year of the complete renewal of the management processes: all the company processes are also updated and the new certification is obtained. Vision 2000 quality.

In the year 2002, the new INSECT SCREEN Cash-for-Secret system was born.
In 2005 the company's growth led to a further important transformation: since April 2005, Suncover S.r.l. has "evolved" into Suncover S.p.A..
The range of Suncover products has been expanded to include the blinds wide curled surfaces of the Panorama series, wooden Venetian blinds, wood and bamboo products, to meet the modern needs of interior designers and architects.
The Suncover CONTRACT DIVISION, a team of experienced professionals from the design and construction world to follow Architects and Designers through all phases, from conception to production and installation of Suncover systems on large construction sites, is strengthened in these years.
2007: Quadra is born, a professional product for recessed doors and windows even of large dimensions.
2008: Prospecta the large BLIND roller shutter for external facades is the flagship product, created together with the project "il Vulcano Buono" by Renzo Piano in Naples.
Suncover, driven by the desire to always seek new products and solutions, in 2008 promotes, first in the sector, ECOSUN, a product based on titanium dioxide for the elimination of smog in environments. In 2010 an important collaboration started with the University of Bologna and Ferrara for the certification and production of TiO2-based material.
2010 - 2013 Born Suncover, iDEA, is the new BLIND innovative and multifunctional furniture.
Other products born in these years Magnetica ZipSystem, BLIND for verandas with profiles GUIDES equipped with magnets to tension the fabric (Suncover patent).
The FRID project strengthens the commitment to the export market, mainly Russia and North Africa. Commitment that is brought advances with new fairs in the Middle East, America and the East.

The Company today...

The Suncover Customer  

The world of design, furnishing and construction with its interpreters, designers, architects, surveyors and contractors are supported by the experience, expertise and attention to detail of the Suncover staff.
Showrooms and dealers are served and followed with the precision and quality intended and required by the end user, aware that our products will later go into homes, offices and any other environment where they must be a distinctive as well as resolutive sign.
With this in mind, Suncover's R&D team is constantly striving to improve products both in terms of materials and technical solutions for installation and specific everyday use. 
In fact, Suncover also considers ease of assembly and maintenance to be an essential part of our company's culture.
The sales network, the internal sales team and the installation technicians are constantly informed and trained to ensure the best customer service.


Suncover's Contract Area

Suncover's Contract Area is made up of a team of experienced professionals from the world of design and related civil and industrial construction and restoration work, committed every day to following Architects, Designers and Clients step by step throughout the entire process of the idea, the construction phase and after-sales service.


Suncover's Contract experience guarantees constant support to designers and Works Management, through continuous technical assistance, the use of the latest generation computer systems, solid modeling, simulation tests, prototyping, custom samples, etc..
In our "References" area you can find tangible evidence of the prestige of the work carried out by Suncover for illustrious clients, in partnership with the greatest Italian and international architects and designers.



Suncover Service

We are aware of how important it is to be followed step by step in every phase from project to completion and beyond. For this reason Suncover Service supports the customer also in the after-sales. We want to be a dedicated and valuable partner every day, always active for the success of the service / product offered. Suncover's qualified staff is able to interact with extreme sensitivity and effectiveness in every context. 


Over the years Suncover has created an extensive network of official partners, spread throughout Italy and abroad, selected and constantly trained to ensure professional and qualitative technical support in assembly, maintenance and after-sales service.