Clean energy from the sun

Suncover's vocation is to be greener and greener.
A sustainable production entrusted to solar energy, attentive to the use of recyclable materials and their proper disposal.
Evidence of this new approach can be found on the roof of the Suncover plant, where the 80.84 kW (102,680 kWh/year) photovoltaic system is installed to prevent the release of about 37,000 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere per year.
The company has invested in this project with the aim of making its production process more environmentally friendly and approaching the goal of energy autonomy.
In 2012, Suncover's green path was awarded a tender by the Ministry of the Environment and Sea Protection to calculate the "carbon footprint" of its flagship products, with the aim of further reducing CO2 emissions.
These choices continue along the path of environmental protection undertaken by Suncover many years ago, when sensitivity to this issue was not as topical as it is today.


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