The companySuncover Italia Srl , leader in the production of blinds rolling shutters, outside venetian blind, blinds technical and anti-insect systems, in carrying out its activity, respects the laws and regulations in force in all the countries in which it operates.

Suncover Italia Srl acts in compliance with the principles of freedom, human dignity and respect for diversity and repudiates any discrimination based on sex, race, language, personal and social conditions, religious and political beliefs.

Suncover Italia Srl intends to build its growth aiming decisively on a solid image, faithful to values of correctness and loyalty, in every daily work process. For this purpose Suncover Italia Srl favours a working environment that, inspired by respect, fairness and collaboration, as well as on the basis of the experience matured in the sectors of competence, allows the involvement and the responsibility of employees and collaborators, with regard to the specific objectives to be reached and the methods to pursue them.

This Code has therefore been prepared with the aim, among other things, of clearly defining the set of values that Suncover Italia Srl recognises, accepts and shares.

In particular, the ethical principles of this Code take on considerable importance in helping to affirm the credibility of the Company in the civil and economic context in which it operates, translating the appreciation of the values that characterise the way the company operates into a competitive advantage.

Suncover Italia Srl will ensure a programme of information and awareness of the provisions of this Code of Ethics and its application to the persons to whom it refers, so that employees, directors and all those who work for Suncover Italia Srl perform their activities and/or duties in constant and strict compliance with the principles and values contained in this Code